Do You Know How This Insulin Plant Controls Blood Sugar in Diabetics?

insulin plant

Diabetes means uncontrolled high blood sugar that reduces the body’s immunity, due to which many diseases take the body in its grip. Doctors and experts recommend a healthy diet and regular exercise for diabetic patients to prevent blood sugar from rising.

Although we have many prescription medicines to control blood sugar or diabetes that works well, but if you want to treat it naturally then, fortunately, this is possible with a plant. This plant is generally called Sugar Plant or Insulin Plant because of its charismatic properties to control blood sugar, however, its scientific name is Costus Igneus.

You can take this plant along with the medicines prescribed by doctors. Many people claimed that their medicine dose got reduced after using this insulin plant regularly for months.

insulin plant
Insulin Plant

According to the study, with the help of insulin leaf, blood sugar can be controlled and the problem of type-2 diabetes can be treated. Let us tell you that this plant does not contain insulin nor does it make insulin in the body, but the natural chemicals present in this plant converts sugar into glycogen, which promotes the process of metabolism.

Thus, it is very effective in controlling diabetes.

What is Insulin Plant

The insulin plant or Costus Igneus belongs to the Costaceae family and is believed to lower blood sugar levels. This plant is found more in Asia. It is a good source of protein, iron and antioxidants. This plant has a better effect for controlling blood sugar.

Insulin Plant Lowers Blood Sugar Level

Insulin leaves are believed to contain chemicals that have the ability to lower blood sugar levels. All the nutrients are found in its leaves, which are necessary for the better functioning of the body.

Insulin Plant Nutrients

If we talk about plant nutrients, then it is a treasure of protein, terpenoids, flavonoids, antioxidants, ascorbic acid, iron, B-carotene, corosolic acid and other nutrients.

How Insulin Plant Controls Blood Sugar

insulin leaf
Insulin Leaf

The green leaves of the insulin plant contain corosolic acid along with various nutrients. This ingredient works magic by increasing the secretion of insulin from the pancreas. It corrects the condition by managing the glucose level in the blood.

How To Take Insulin Plant in Diabetes

We have 2 options to take Insulin Plant:

In Plant Form:

It is believed that chewing one leaf of the insulin plant every day can help you control blood sugar. Doing this for a month can improve the situation significantly.

In Powder & Capsule Form:

You can also consume it in the form of powder or capsule. This is the most convenient and popular way.

Where To Buy Insulin Plant

You can buy Insulin Plant from your local nursery shop, however, if it is not available in your local nursery then you can buy it on Amazon. You need to plant or grow this plant in your garden and take proper care of it.
Here is the plant on Amazon you can check it out: Insulin Plant Live

If for any reason you don’t want to grow the plant, then the most popular and convenient way is to get it in capsule or powder form. There are many brands in the market for insulin plant capsule and powder, but we have found ORGANOPLEX, the most trusted and popular brand. You can easily order it from Amazon.

Here is the Amazon link for capsule form: ORGANOPLEX Insulin Plant Capsule
Recommended Dose: 6 capsules per day

Here is the Amazon link for powder form: ORGANOPLEX Insulin Plant Powder
Recommended Dose: 1 scoop of 3 gm twice per day for first 60 days. After 60 days, 1 scoop of 3 gm once per day

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