Do you drink water everyday in the morning when you get up?

drink water in morning

As you get up in the morning first thing you should do is to drink water as it is beneficial for your health in many ways.

Do you know that just by drinking appropriate amount of water you can goodbye many dangerous diseases.Start your day by hydrating your body and it is required because when we get up our internal organs are completely dry from inside.

This is because when we sleep in night,our body does not sleep rather it starts working much more faster. When we are awake we don’t forget to hydrate our body but during sleep we can’t do anything.

Benefits of drinking water in empty stomach:

  1. Drinking water in empty stomach will clean your stomach and inner body completely. This recharges your body parts and helps them in functioning properly and more efficiently
  2. Drinking a big size glass of water will boost the digestive power by 25% for next 3 to 4 hours.
  3. Drinking water in the morning is just like charging your body which keep your mind active properly whole day.It also hydrate the body completely which was dehydrated during the night.
  4. It also help kidney to function it properly.Kidney removes all the toxic elements from our blood, makes the blood clean and for this, more water is required to complete this process easily. Lack of water in the body can cause several kidney problems.
  5.  If you drink water everyday in the morning then your skin will be soft and clean. Moreover, all the pimples from your face would be vanished. Follow this routine everyday and get glowing skin.
  6. Lack of water throughout the day can dry your stool as rectum absorb water from it and you might have to spend more time in toilet. Water in the morning will make your stool smoother and is also good for rectum.

Now, How much water you should drink?

You should drink minimum 2 medium size glass water upto 4-5 glasses. Its sufficient and enough. Its better to take lukewarm water which is much more beneficial.

Is there any side effects and precaution?

There is no side effects at all and is only boon for our body. Don’t drink upto or more than 8 or 9 glasses at once otherwise you will visit toilet more frequently and you may not concentrate at your work.

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