Five Important Benefits of Coconut Oil

  • After bathing, if you are habituated to use expensive Moisturizer, Body Cream or Body Lotion, then coconut oil can do the work for you. Coconut oil will also give your skin smoothness with several other benefits.
  • If you have infection or itchy problem in any part of the body, then coconut oil mixed with camphor must have in your bathroom. Put it on the spot every day after bath,it will give you relief from skin problems.
  • If you have undergarment trail, burning, swelling and itching then mixture of coconut oil and camphor is something extremely beneficial for you.
  • Facial cleansing, especially for makeup clean up coconut oil is much better than any cleansing milk. Take cotton swabs to clean the face with a little coconut oil, apply on the face and then wipe with cotton.
  • Coconut oil is a great alternative for removing hair. Before removing hair, massaging with coconut oil will make your skin soft and smooth. But using it will not work on waxing.

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