Best Foods & Supplements to Boost Immune System Naturally

For the last few months, COVID-19 has given a lot of negative impact on the whole world. There is hardly anyone who hasn’t been affected by this tiny demon.
However, Corona virus is not new but its new type COVID-19 is completely unknown to mankind. There are no vaccines and antidotes available so far.
It has taken many thousand lives, collapsed the economy worldwide, and locked the whole earth behind doors.

During this time, where the earth has stopped rotation, we can prepare ourselves to fight this nightmare.

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According to the current medical research, it is well known so far that when the COVID-19 virus enters the human body, it fights with our immune system first. If the immune system of the body is strong, this virus is not capable of harming the human body. People having a good immune system show very mild symptoms and get to heal on their own in a few days without any special medications.
Some people never show any symptoms, but it will affect mostly the people having weaker immune systems. With these people, symptoms start with a dry cough, fever, which leads to difficulty in breathing. It can further lead to fatal cases for old age people.

Therefore, it is now very important for us to make our immune system as strong as possible. Today, we are going to discuss how we can boost our immune power naturally.


Important Nutrients that Boost Immune System

The most important minerals and vitamins that are needed for boosting immune power are as follows:

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic acid mainly found in citrus fruits.
It is well known for Scurvy. But more than that, it helps treat common flu and cold.
According to a study, Vitamin C has a direct connection with the immune system of the human body.
In other words, deficiency of Vitamin C leads to a weaker immune system. It also acts as an antioxidant that helps to protect the cell from damage and is involved in the repair of tissue.
What’s more interesting is that Vitamin C can also be made in the laboratory.

It is generally consumed by mouth in the form of fruits and by supplements. 

Dr. Andrew Weber, a Long Island-based pulmonologist and critical-care specialist explained to the New York Times that his intensive-care COVID-19 patients are immediately given massive doses of the Vitamin C more than one time in a day, where each dose is more than 16 times the daily dietary vitamin allowance of Vitamin C advised from the National Institute of Health.

The patients who received Vitamin C did significantly better than those who did not get Vitamin C“,  Dr Weber said.


The immune system is made up of a vast and highly complex network of cells, tissues, and organs that all work in unison all of the time to protect the body from harm. Zinc is a very important mineral that protects and repairs these cells.

According to some medical research and observation, it is found that zinc lozenges may reduce the duration of cold & flu and may reduce the number of respiratory infections in humans. It heals the wound and helps in fighting infection. Thus, it plays a vital role in immune function and mustn’t be ignored.

Zinc is also called Gatekeeper of Immune Function.

Best Foods that Boost Immune System

As of now, we have discussed the most important vitamin and mineral that is most necessary to boost the immune system.
Now, let us discuss some foods by which we can get these nutrients.


orange in bowl
Oranges are a good source of Vitamin C and Fiber.

Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C.
The daily requirement of Vitamin C could be 2000 mg for every healthy human.
Vitamin C in Lemon is 53 mg per 100 gm, and for orange, it is 53.2 mg.
It is a good habit to either take Lemon or Orange juice during breakfast or lunch every day as both contain the same amount of Vitamin C.
As Lemon is more citrus than Orange, Orange could be the best option.


Garlic is rich in both Zinc & Vitamin C.

Garlic, generally used in spice well known since Ancient Egypt. Garlic was used as an antiseptic for wound infections in the First and Second World Wars.
It is believed that there are more than 300 varieties of Garlic worldwide. There was a time when, like today, there were no drug shops everywhere. At that time Garlic was used in Ayurvedic treatment.
Garlic is a rich anti-oxidant and has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-cancer properties.

It gives natural aroma to food and is also beneficial for health in many ways. Its regular consumption reduces blood pressure, reduces cholesterol, and is also good for heart health and diabetes. In a 12 week study by NCBI, it is concluded that the use of garlic supplement resolves the problem of cold and cough.

There is also a good amount of Zinc in Garlic. Also, by consuming one bud of garlic daily, the body gets many nutrients together with Vitamins A, B, C like Iodine, Iron, Potassium, Calcium, and Magnesium.

The daily requirement of Zinc is 11 mg for a healthy man. In 100 gm of Garlic, there is 1.16 mg of Zinc. It is one of the best sources of Zinc. Moreover, it has 31.2 mg of Vitamin C per 100 gm.


Meat is super rich in Zinc and Protein.

Zinc in different meat starts from 2 mg to 6 mg per 100 gm. For example, in pork, it is 3.21 mg, and in some seafood, the value is much higher than 5 mg.

High amounts of Zinc are found in various types of meats, which help to strengthen the immune system. Due to its antioxidant properties, Zinc is known to make antibodies, which help fight free radicals.
Proteins derived from meats help in the production of these antibodies to protect the body from infection.

Omega-3 fatty acids in seafood are also good for boosting immunity. Selenium, another mineral found in seafood, is also known to boost the immune system. Vitamin A helps in the functions of the reproductive system.


Peanuts are a good source of Zinc and various nutrients.

Peanuts are the best source of Zinc. Peanuts contain 3.3 mg of Zinc per 100 gm.
It contains Iron, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Potassium, Folic Acid, and Fiber.

It also contains anti-oxidant called ‘Resveratrol’ which protects from free radicals. Fat and cholesterol are low in these.

Antioxidants, Iron, Folate, Calcium, and Zinc help the body fight cancer cells. That is why eat a handful of soaked peanuts daily.

Groundnut brings warmth in the body, due to which blood circulation is improved and the heart remains healthy. The risk of heart attack or heart disease is reduced.


Lentils are a rich source of Protein, Zinc & Fiber.

Lentils contain about 26 percent of protein. Depending upon its variety, Zinc in lentils per 100 gm varies from 1.71 mg to 4.78 mg. It has 1.5 mg of Vitamin C as well.

It has less fat than any other medium of protein. Along with this, they are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber that are helpful in digestion.
For good health, it is advisable to eat lentils every day. The stomach remains full for a long time after eating lentils due to which hunger is not felt. Due to this, obesity also cannot dominate.

The lentils are very easy to digest. Eating lentils every day keeps the body active. Not only do pulses fulfill the protein deficiency, but they also fulfill the iron requirement. Many such elements are also found in pulses which are helpful in preventing cancer.


Best Supplement to Boost Immune System

So far, we have discussed how Zinc and Vitamin C in foods play vital roles to boost our immune power naturally. The stronger the immune system is, the more the body is capable of fighting off any bacteria and viruses.

In many cases, daily requirements of nutrients can’t be fulfilled by foods and fruits every time. For any reason, if you think that you’re not getting daily nutrients from foods or fruits properly, then supplements would be the next best option.

Whenever you buy any supplement, just make sure that it is made from natural ingredients.
Natural supplements are free from any kind of side effects. If your immune system is weak, then immune supplements would be a good choice.

immune defence
Immune Defence is 100% natural immune booster.

Immune Defence is such a mind-blowing supplement that has a combination of natural Vitamin C and Zinc. It is naturally crafted to support our immune system by providing daily doses of essential Vitamin C and Zinc. Along with that, it also has the power of Vitamin A and E.

Immune Defence – The Product Review

Immune Defence is natural aniseed flavor lozenges that can be used every day for ongoing immune support. Each lozenge contains 3.5 mg of Zinc and 2.5 mg of Vitamin C.
Moreover, it also contains two natural ingredients, Rosehip and Acerola.

Acerola is a very good source of Vitamin C and A. Apart from these two vitamins, Rosehip also contains Vitamin E as well.

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Immune Defence is a reasonably priced premium supplement.

It is developed and manufactured by Swiss Research Lab Ltd. that specializes in researching and creating proven health products.

This is a premium supplement and is only available on its official website. It is not available in any other online store and supermarket.

Immune Defence comes with several following benefits:

  1. It contains natural vitamins and minerals in its ingredients.
  2. It provides defense against highly infectious cold and flu viruses.
  3. It also makes the body & mind relaxed and stress-free.
  4. Immune Defence is suitable for the whole family, especially adults & children over the age of 12.
  5. It is also easy to store and carry.

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The company provides free worldwide delivery with 1-day super fast delivery in the UK if order placed before 1 PM (BST). In the USA, it is 3-7 days and 5-15 working days for the rest of the world.

Since the company is confident in its product, therefore they are providing 100 days money-back guarantee. You’ll be fully refunded if you’re not satisfied with the product.

As the product is fully vegan, there are no side effects if the recommended dose (2-4 lozenges per day) is taken daily.

immune defence image
Immune Defence can be taken as an everyday supplementary along with diet.

What’s more interesting and appreciable is that the delivery is completely Corona Safe considering the current outbreak.
Their delivery team members use mouth masks while packaging orders. They use medical-grade sanitizer and gloves as well. Moreover, they also provide a contact-less drop-off delivery service.


Making our immune system strong and healthy is now a necessity in the present scenario of the outbreak.
Make sure to take proper nutrition every day especially Zinc and Vitamin C. Try to take the above-mentioned foods and fruits regularly.

Immune Defence is a quality & trusted supplement

As a supplement, Immune Defence is a winner product. You can take it as an extra preventive measure. If you want to order Immune Defence then always buy from its official website, otherwise, you might get a counterfeit product.

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Everyday immune booster bonus tips

  1.  Take green tea every morning with an empty stomach.
  2.  Take proper sleep daily.
  3.  Do not take stress, be happy always. 

This is the right time to make yourself strong from inside and to get prepared. This dark night will come to an end with a pleasant morning very soon.

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